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Echoes Investigations LLC is a licensed private detective agency operating out of Appleton, WI. Founded in 2020 Echoes Investigations is a new agency breathing a breath of youth and knowledge into private investigations. We have the skill and knowledge to conduct professional investigations on a variety of cases.

Echoes Investigations is an LGBT+ friendly investigations agency. We believe everyone deserves the right to have their voices heard and the truth found, no matter identification, gender, race or any other identifying factors. Providing all services given are with in the confines of the law, you can ensure Echoes Investigations will do everything within its power to help.

Echoes Investigations was started to fulfill a life long dream and goal of Owner, Steven Van Heeswyk, in becoming a Professional Detective and helping people search for the truths in their own lives. Echoes Investigations, while new, is a full service agency providing as many skills as you need to come to a satisfactory conclusion to fulfill your search. Echoes Investigations will do everything in its power to gleam the information requested, but does not guarantee your preferred outcome will be the final result, as the truth is what is sought after. 

While there may be other choices for investigators, Echoes Investigations is truly a down to earth agency who cares about your needs.

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Exceeding Expectations

About Us: About


Lead Investigator/Owner

Steven has an Degree in Criminal Justice from, and is constantly pursuing continued education opportunities, is a licensed Private Detective in the state of Wisconsin, and owns Echoes Investigations LLC. Steven has 22 years of experience in Martial Arts forming a strong ethical code and ability to adapt to ever changing situations. Steven has worked in several different professions that give him valuable insight into the interpersonal relationships that we all have.

About Us: Meet the Team
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